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This is our old website.  We've archived it for historic purposes should you wish to find out anything from the past!

In April 2012, we moved to a new site - visit it now at www.transitiontowntotnes.org

This site is a static archive of the dynamic Drupal site created in December 2013, if you are having problems with some files not being found you can look at the index of files. See also, the archives of the wiki site from 2011 and 2010.

Transition Town Totnes (TTT) is a dynamic, community-led charity that is strengthening the local economy, reducing the cost of  living and preparing for a future with less oil and a changing climate.

TTT is community-led.  Anyone can be involved.  Everyone is needed.  People involved so far are wide-ranging in backgrounds, ages, and experiences. Why not join in with any of our projects and groups?  Over 30 projects have started and there are nine themed groups underway.  If there's something missing you can even start up your own. We have a large local support base and have contributed over £1 million to the local economy through grants, jobs and tourism.  What have we done?

We also seem to have sparked a global movement, occupying a surprising limelight as one of the most-watched community projects about. Transition Town Totnes is something anyone from Totnes & District can be really proud of.

The short film below is of our annual projects bash at the Totnes Civic Hall - a rare chance to see all projects in one place.  See our video library for more.

Latest project news

Transition Streets Transition Streets Helps to Give a New Lease of Life for Much-loved Village Hall (2012-04-04)
New lease of life for much-loved village hall Lifelong Dartington friends Eddie Guy and Edgar Hodge, both 89, cut the ribbon on the new Dartington Village HallÕs refurbishment at a tea party on 1...
Co-housing Cohousing Architect's Brief (2012-03-11)
Architect's brief for the Cohousing at Baltic WharfExternals -
Building and Housing, Co-housing Baltic Wharf House Prices (2012-03-11)
A lot of us would like to know what the hosue prices might be - so far we've only been able to get ball-park figures for this. Bloor Homes have suggested that people might be paying about £300 per...