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Aims & Objectives

We all know that the building and servicing of housing (and workplaces) uses significant amounts of petrochemicals and other finite resources.

Our aim is to find out how to reduce our consumption and build more sustainably for the future.

At the moment we have three active subgroups:

Please get in touch with us if you want to become involved. You will be very welcome. Please visit our website often to see all the latest news & updates from our group. You can also subscribe to the bulletin for a monthly update about all TTT activities.

We are also building a set of resources that we hope will be of use to people who are interested in any of these issues. If you have anything to add to this section please do let us know.


Contact us at:


We have fortnightly meetings, generally on Thursdays.

Details of all our meetings are available on our group's list of events page and on the main TTT calendar. Write-ups and minutes from previous meetings can be found on the meeting archive page


Take a look at our projects page.

All events, meetings and training that relate to the housing and building group or our projects can be seen in our group's meetings & events section and on the main TTT calendar.