Totnes Pound Project

The Totnes Pound was launched as an initiative of Transition Town Totnes Economics and Livelihoods group in March 2007.

Economic localisation is considered to be a key aspect of the transition process, and local currency systems provide the opportunity to strengthen the local economy whilst preventing money from leaking out.

The benefits of the Totnes Pound are:

  • To build resilience in the local economy by keeping money circulating in the community and building new relationships
  • To get people thinking and talking about how they spend their money
  • To encourage more local trade and thus reduce food and trade miles
  • To encourage tourists to use local businesses
We hope that at a later stage additional benefits could include supporting the start up of new social, ethical and environmental businesses.



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Support the Totnes Pound

Anyone who live locally to Totnes can support the Totnes Pound by making a commitment use them. Using Totnes pounds is a visible ways of showing that you support the local economy and local businesses.

Making a commitment to using the pound means trying to make sure that you always have some on you, for example T10 or T20. Then, after you have spent some, make sure that you get hold of some more, either in change from somewhere else, or from an issuing point. As more businesses begin to offer incentives for using Totnes Pounds it makes economic sense to make sure you have got some on you.

The project is run by a group of volunteers who meet monthly to plan the development of the project and few other people who help with specific tasks. Anyone who is interested in supporting the project is welcome to get involved. If you have any questions about this project, or you want to get involved please contact us at

This project team normally meets on the first Monday of the month. Email us for details or check the calendar.